Cost Savings

The cost of computer and network deployment is always a major factor when deciding what solutions to implement. The following is a cost analysis based on a typical network implementation for any educational institution, volunteer organization or corporate office.

Costs are taken from parts and software available on GameDude computer's website. Prices are accurate as of January 2005. Fristly, a comparison of the individual components of the fat and thin client systems. We build both servers as per the GameDude recommended server, and supply the standard GameDude X-Gamer II system for the fat clients, and GameDude Thin Client system for said thin client.

For the fat client system we've price Windows 2003 Server on the server, and Windows XP Profesional on the clients, with a standard CAL costs added per client. Application software is considered to be Microsoft Office 2003 Professional and McAffe Virus Scanner. For the purposes of this comparison, we won't include the thousands of dollars of potential software that is often added to Windows computers.

The thin client server and client configurations run Linux, and include access to over 10,000 free application packages.

Fat Client
Thin Client
Server $4,339
Server $4,339
Server OS $799 Server OS $0
Client $1,699 Client $421
Client OS $399 Client OS $0
Client Apps $498 Clients Apps $0

Secondly, the savings comparison based on 1, 10, 50 and 100 computer networks.

Fat vs Thin
Thin Client
Fat Client
% Saving
1 Client $4,760
10 Clients $8,549
50 Clients $25,389
100 Clients $46,439

And finally, a graphical comparison of the costs.

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