SID2SID Commodore 64 Parts Kit for the Second SID 6581 & 8580
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Commodore 64 SID2SID 6581 & 8580 Parts Kit

SID2SID is a 16 x 24 inch manufactured circuit board that offers a cheap and neat solution if you wish to add a second audio chip to your Commodore 64. All you need is some components and a soldering iron.
With a second SID (C64 audio circuit) in your computer you get the following advantages with the MSSIAH Cartridge:

6 tracks or 6 voices of polyphony with the Sequencer and Drummer apps
One extra audio output to route samples in Wave-Player
Stereo by doubling the output in Mono Synthesizer and Bassline apps

Assembling the circuit board is simple if you have basic soldering skills. The installation guide shows the whole process with pictures and explanations.

The SID2SID is designed to fit into all Commodore 64 motherboards including the Commodore 128.

Save time and money with the new boxed SID2SID kit, includes all the parts you need except the PCB & SID Chips.

Plus this kit has the parts for both the 6581 & 8580 SID Chips.

Parts Kit Includes -

1x 2N2222 TO-18
1x 10K Ohm Resistor (r9)
2x 1K Ohm Resistors (r8 r12)
1x 10uf 35v Electrolytic Capacitor
1x 1000pf Capacitor (c74)
1x 470pf Capacitor (c76)

1x 28 Pin IC Socket
1x 28 Pin IC Socket Long Legs

plus -
4x 470pf (471) Capacitors for 6581 SID
4x 22000pf (223) Capacitors for 8580 SID
1x 2N3904 for 8580 R5 SID
1x 3.5mm Jack Socket
& 6.35MM Jack socket with suitable wire

For the Sid2SID PCB just go to - for the complete installation guide -

Good soldering skills are required

Price $ 20

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