C64 SD card, SD2IEC, SDrive 1564 LCD SD card interface, Commodore 1541 emulator
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SDrive 1564 SD card interface for Commodore computers with LCD display
Hundreds of games can be run by SD card. (D64 floppy image).
Compatible: C64, C128, C16, C+4, C64DTV.
Commodore 1541 floppy drive emulation
New functions:
Adjustable device id (8-11) on back of the box.
Standard Commodore floppy port connector on the back of the box.
Power switch on the back of box.
2x16 character blue LCD display.
Displaying D64 name from list file and program/game load and errors on LCD display.
It can be linked with an other floppy drive, can be copied from D64 to floppy and also from floppy to SD card.
The D64 files can be organized in file lists, in which, by switching the buttons on the panel back and forth, they can be loaded in the file as actual D64 file "floppy disk", automatic loading option.
It operates with many fastloader programs and also supports Turbo Disk (v2.2), so the actual loading takes 8-10 times less time.
D64/D71/D81/M2I/PRG/P00 support.
Manages subdirectories even from CLI.
Turbo Disk, Fast Load, Speeddisk, JiffyDos, Final Cartridge 3, Dreamload, Exos support.
Disk "change" fuction (by pressing the button).
FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 SD and SDHC card support.
IEC standard compatibility (LOAD, SAVE, OPEN, GET, PUT, CLOSE, ...).

The price includes the power supply and floppy cable. SD card is not included!

Electronics parts only of quality components (SD card socket: Attend).
The SD disk/card reader is of a push-push system, by pressing the button, it ejects the card.
Some of the applied components are purchased from abroad and the circuit are produced by a specialized company. (metallic holes, two-sided, protective painted and outline cut design).
The enclosure's SD card slot and holes made by CNC machine.

Price $ 145

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