Commodore 64 1 MB REU RAM EXPANSION UNIT - 1MB 1750/1764 CLONE
Item Code c64_reu_ram_exp_retro

1MB REU Clone by Digital Audio Concepts

Expand your Commodore's memory by 1 MB with this simple, plug in upgrade!* Designed by the team at Digital Audio Concepts, the 1 MB REU Clone works exactly like a Commodore 1764 or 1750 but with a massive 1MB of RAM!

*You will need a Commodore 8726 REC Chip - grab one from a dead REU, off EBay or simply borrow one from a 1764 or 1750 REU, plug it in the PLCC socket and that's it, could not be simpler! Then insert it into your Commodores Expansion/Cartridge port plus the clever design means you wont even need a heavy duty power supply!

You will need a Commodore 8726 REC Chip - its NOT included with this item.

Price $ 75

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