C64 MULTICART+ 4 Megabit Cartridge for Commodore 64
Item Code c64_multicart_retro

Commodore 64 The MULTICART+ Assembled & Loaded with Utilities, Games & Applications!

The new MULTICART+ Cartridge is a 4 Megabit cartridge and housed in a clear case and illuminated by a high brightness red LED.

It's supplied ready to go - packed full with lots of different games, utilities & applications with an easy to use menu system, simply scroll through, select and load, when you have done, press the cartridges reset button and the menu reloads automatically!

Current Contents List - Alien Sidestep, Astroblitz, Attack of the Mutant Camels, 4 Diagnostic, Calc Result, CCS Mon, Centipede, Checkers, Close Encounters, Cosmic Life, Dance Fantasy, Diagnostic C64, Dot Gobbler, Dot Gobbler 2, Facemaker, Falconian Invader, Financial Advisor, Fraction Fever, Frog Master, Frogger, Graf64, Gridrunner, Hop Along Counting, Jaw Breaker, Juke Box, Kids on Keys, Kindercomp, Laser Zone, Magic Mon, Marios Brewery, Memory Manor, Minnesota Fats Pool, Moondust, Mr Cool, Omega Race, Pac Man, Pipes, Pitfall, Princes and Frog, Retro Ball, Save New York, Sea Speller, Song Maker, Space Action, Space Ricoshay, Spitball, Stix, Super Smash, Tank Wars, The Fourth Sarcophagus, The Mutant Spider, The Pit, Threshold, Trashman, TSI Cycles, TSI Mazeman, Turbo Maze, Tylers Dungeon, Ultrex Quadromaze, Up and Down, Up for Grabs.

Price $ 45

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