C64 LumaFix64 for Commodore 64 - Fix Svideo image problems on your C64
Item Code c64_lumafix_retro

LumaFix64 designed by e5frog

Enjoy image with less stripes...

LumaFix64 was made to easily remove vertical lines from your Commodore 64 image caused by signals also in the VIC-II video chip. It also has an adjustment for the Chroma signal that can help reduce problems related mostly to s-video connection on modern TVs - the dreaded checkered pattern.

LumaFix64 helps getting rid of the problem by inverting the interfering signals and feeding it back into the Luma signal.

Here's a great new review we found on LumaFix64 - http://biosrhythm.com/?p=1340

PLEASE NOTE : Experienced users only, using this item involves opening your C64 and in some cases will require Desoldering and Soldering skills - Contact us if this is needed

Price $ 25

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