EasyFlash 64 Complete Cartridge Kit ** soldering required **
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Commodore 64 - The Easy Flash Complete Cartridge Kit

Now with drilled case and domed label!

Easy Flash is a cartridge for the C64 expansion port. In contrast to traditional cartridges, this one can be programmed directly from the C64.

You can easily create various classic computer game cartridges, program collections or even a diagnostic cartridge to track down issues with your hardware with it. All what you need to do this is a C64, an EasyFlash, the software available here and an image of the cartridge (*.crt). As these CRT files may be quite large, a large disk drive like the FD-2000 or an sd2iec may be useful. For smaller drives EasySplit can be used to compress and split large cartridge images. EasyFlash is not a freezer cartridge like the Final Cartridge III or the Retro Replay. And it's no replacement for a 1541 disk drive like the sd2iec.

We've made this kit even easier to assemble - now there's no need to drill the case!

This is the complete Easy Flash v1 (Revision 1.4.1 REV B or newer) kit, the first to include all the components with the Easy Flash Label as shown.

Parts Kit Includes -
Sockets -

2 Sockets 16 pins DIP
3 Sockets 14 pins DIP
1 Socket 28 pins DIP
2 Sockets PLCC 32
ICs -
1 IC 74HCT00
1 IC 74HCT02
1 IC 74HCT74
1 IC 74HCT174
1 IC 74HCT175
2 IC AM29F040 AMD Flash 512KB
Passive parts -
8 capacitors 100nF
2 resistors 10k
1 resistor 1k5
2 resistor networks 8-4 100 Ohm
1 Reset-Key
1 switch (Boot-Switch)
1 LED 3mm, low current
1 piece of lead, approx. 4 cm / 2"
and of course...
1 Circuit board EasyFlash 1.4.1 REV B
1 Clear Blue Drilled Plastic Commodore Cartridge Case
1 New Doomed Easy Flash Label

For the Easy Flash website just go to -
Please note that there is no warranty on your soldering skills or damage from lack of to PCB and components supplied, due care at all times must be maintained especially to static sensitive parts.

And for the complete step-by-step installation guide -

Price $ 39

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