Duplikator C64 Turbo Nibbler Hardware and Software Ram Disk Copier
Item Code c64_duplikator_retro

Ram Disk based copy system
- Copies whole disk in one pass
- Makes copies in 8 seconds
- Duplikator is the fastest, most efficient and easiest to use system
- Comes with 256k on-board ram and its own operating system - no software to load
- Make multiple copies
- Full disk verification during backup process
- Copies errors 21-29 and up to 40 tracks
- Full disk error check in 8 seconds
- Full disk verify against ram in fifteen seconds
- On/Off switch and reset button installed
also includes....
Deep Scan Burst Nibbler!
Powerful Software - Innovative Hardware!

The Burst Nibbler system is probably the most powerful disk copier available for the Commodore computer.

It gains its power by using parallel data transfer. With standard nibblers the data is read from the disk and decoded into a standard format before being transferred to the host computer by the serial bus. This is all well until it comes across some non-standard data on the disk. Because it canít recognize the code it is unable to decode into the form needed for serial transfer. With parallel transfer the data is read from the disk and transferred directly to the host computer without the need to decode it. This is achieved because the Burst Nibbler System is actually hardware and software package. The hardware consists of a parallel cable that plugs into the computers user port. The other end of the cable plugs into the Via chip socket inside your disk drive. The software is a powerful Nibbler control program with various parameter settings to maximize results.

How much power do you want? How about:

> Transfers raw GCR Code via cable!
> Fitted in minutes usually no soldering!
> Only package to copy up to 41 tracks!
> Will copy a whole disk in under 2 mins!
> Full and half tracks copied - no problem!
> Make a perfect copy every time!

Fitting involves lifting the 6522 Via chip inside the drive, inserting it into the socket on the cable and plugging the whole assembly back into the socket, the other end just plugs into the user port and has a through connector for your other hardware.

Deep Scan Burst Nibbler - New Cable & software...
Software Version v1.9. For the Commodore 64/128 & 128D and the 1541, 1570 & 1571 disk drives.
Experienced users ONLY
- Requires perfectly aligned drives for best results.
- Requires opening up disk drive
- Soldering I/O IC may be required

Price $ 149

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