Ami Alignment System Software by Free Spirit Software Inc
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Ami Alignment System Software by Free Spirit Software Inc
The Amiga is a high-performance machine and like any high-tech instrument, it requires occasional adjustments to operate properly.

The utility programs from Free Spirit Software are designed to let you know precisely what is wrong when your Amiga has a problem. With these handy utilities, you'll always know the status of your Amiga's critical parts.

The Ami .. Alignment System is a high precision, floppy drive alignment and performance monitoring system for the Amiga. Using an intuitive, mouse- driven interface, drive tests such as alignment, speed, and read-write accuracy may be performed on any internal or external 3 1/2-inch floppy drive.

The Ami .. Alignment System also gives you full manual control of virtually all drive functions, such as: turning the drive motor on and off, moving the heads in single track increments, and checking the alignment of any single track.

Ami .. Alignment comes complete with a program disk, a specially prepared calibration disk, and an operations manual which includes instructions and diagrams for drive disassembly and adjustment.

The Calibration disk is specially prepared and commercially duplicated. For the Calibration disk to be effective, it must be precision copied on a professional duplicating machine. Although AMI.. ALIGNMENT SYSTEM will happily believe the copy of the calibration disk is valid, you cannot trust the Alignment Test results with anything but the original disk. The floppy drive you copy the calibration disk with may be slightly misaligned, resulting in a misaligned calibration disk and subsequent unreliable test results.

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