MacBook iPhone screwdriver tool kits
Item Code aBRtool4

MacBook iPhone screwdriver tool kit
Tech Specs :
Cross screw driver (5 pcs): PH0000、PH000、PH00、PH0、PH1 Torx screw drive (10 pcs) : T2、T3、T4、T5、T6、T7、T8、T9、T10、T15
Flat screw drive (4 pcs): 1.0、1.5、2.0、3.0
Tri Wing screw drive (1 pcs): 2.3
Star screw drive : (2 pcs) : 0.8、1.2
Pozi drive (1 pcs) : 1.0
Y screw drive (1 pcs): 2.0

Package contents:
1 x screw drive handle
24 x screw drive

Price $ 19

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