Item Code Item Image Price $ Status Order
viGAgtx_1070ti_8gb GALAX GTX1070-TI EX 8GB GDDR5 Boost 1683MHz VR READY Model 70ISH6DHM9XE
$ 795
viASgtx_1070ti_turboASUS GTX1070-Ti 8GB GDDR5 TURBO EDITION TURBO-GTX1070TI-8G
$ 819
viASgtx_1070_dual_ocASUS GTX1070 DUAL OC EDITION 8GB GDDR5 Boost Clock 1797Mhz Virtual Reality Ready DUAL-GTX1070-O8G
$ 779
viASgtx_1070_strix_ocASUS GTX1070 ROG STRIX OC EDITION 8GB GDDR5 Boost 1860Mhz VR Ready ROG STRIX-GTX1070-O8G-GAMING
$ 799
viASgtx_1070_turboASUS GTX1070 TURBO EDITION 8GB GDDR5 Boost Clock 1683Mhz Virtual Reality Ready TURBO-GTX1070-8G
$ 739
viASgtx_1070ti_strix_a8gASUS STRIX GTX1070-TI 8GB GDDR5 1683Mhz Boost ROG-STRIX-GTX1070TI-A8G-GAMING
$ 859
viCOgtx_1070_vulcanCOLORFUL iGAME GTX-1070 Vulcan X OC 1822MHz Boost DP/HDMI/DVI (6956914101255) IX5-03
$ 799
$ 729
viGIgtx_1070_itx_ocGIGABYTE GTX 1070 Mini ITX 8GB GDDR5 1746MHz Boost 90mm FAN DVI-D x2/HDMI/DP GV-N1070IXOC-8GD
$ 749
viGIgtx_1070_8_aorusGIGABYTE GTX 1070 AORUS 8GB 1835MHz Boost DVI-D/HDMI/DP GV-N1070AORUS-8GD
$ 749
viGIgtx_1070_g1_gaming_8gbGIGABYTE GTX 1070 G1 Gaming 8GB 1822MHz Boost DVI-D/HDMI/DP GV-N1070G1 GAMING-8GD
$ 769
viGIgtx_1070_wf_8gbGIGABYTE GTX 1070 WINDFORCE OC 8GB GDDR5 1721MHz Boost DVI-D/HDMI/DP GV-N1070WF2OC-8GD
$ 749
viGIgtx_1070ti_gaming_8gGIGABYTE GTX 1070Ti Gaming 8GB GDDR5 1721MHz Boost DVI-D - HDMI - DP - MODEL : GV-N107TGAMING-8GD
$ 849
viMSgtx_1070ti_armorMSI GTX1070-TI ARMOR 8GB GDDR5 Boost 1683MHz VR READY Model 912-V330-223
$ 799
viMSgtx_1070ti_dukeMSI GTX1070-TI DUKE 8GB GDDR5 Boost 1683MHz VR Ready MODEL : 912-V330-224
$ 859
viMSgtx_1070ti_gamingMSI GTX1070-TI GAMING 8GB GDDR5 BOOST 1683MHz VR READY MODEL 912-V330-245
$ 855
viMSgtx_1070ti_titaniumMSI GTX1070-TI TITANIUM 8GB GDDR5 Boost 1683MHz VR Ready MODEL : 912-V330-222
$ 899
viMSgtx_1070_dukeMSI GTX 1070 DUKE OC 8GB Tri-Fan VR READY 1797 MHz
$ 765
viMSgtx_1070_aero_itxMSI GTX1070 AERO ITX OC 8GB GDDR5 Boost 1721Mhz VR Ready SHORT LENGTH CARD
$ 739
viMSgtx_1070_armorMSI GTX1070 ARMOR OC EDITION 8GB GDDR5 Boost Clock 1746Mhz Virtual Reality Ready
$ 749
viMSgtx_1070_gaming_xMSI GTX1070 GAMING X EDITION 8GB GDDR5 Boost Clock 1797MHz Virtual Reality Ready
$ 759

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