Item Code Item Image Price $ Status Order
powAMuniversal_n12AMACROX N12 Universal AC Adaptor Up To 120W/19V for Notebook
$ 69
powAMuniversal_n6AMACROX N6 / HUNTKEY ES Laptop Universal AC Adaptor Up To 65W/19V for Notebook
$ 39
psNBasus_zenASUS Ultrabook Zenbook19volt 2.37Amp 45watt Power Supply 4.0 x 1.35mm
$ 39
psHAhv_na8015HAVIT 90watt Notebook Adapter UNIVERSAL MODEL : HV-NA8015 With USB Charge Port
$ 49
powHKnb40mHUNTKEY NetBook Universal AC Adaptor Up To 40watt 18V to 20V 2.1A
$ 29
psNBhp_19v_90wattReplacement HP/Compaq 19volt 4.74Amp (7.4X5.0) 90watt Power Supply NBC-HP19v90W07
$ 39
powMBtypec_29wReplacement Macbook USB Type-C Charger 29W NBC-APTC29W
$ 59
powMBtypec_61wReplacement Macbook USB Type-C Charger 61W NBC-APTC61W
$ 75
powMBtypec_87wReplacement Macbook USB Type-C Charger 87W NBC-APTC87W
$ 79
powTH65watt_luxa2Thermaltake 65watt LUXA2 Universal PSU 14.5V to 20v Type C Tip Included PO-ULA-PC65BK-05
$ 49
powTH90watt_luxa2Thermaltake 90watt LUXA2 Universal PSU 14.5V to 20v Type C Tip Included PO-ULA-PC90BK-05
$ 65

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