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PCI SOUND CARDsoASxonar_dgASUS XONAR DG Dolby Digital S/PDIF Output Audio 5.1 Channel PCI Card34
PCI SOUND CARDsoSBa2zsSoundBlaster AUDIGY 2ZS OEM 24bit 108db SNR, 7.1 THX MODEL : SB0350Ex DEMO Card ONLY35
PCI SOUND CARDsoSBaudigy_valueSoundBlaster AUDIGY VALUE High Quality 24-bit, 7.1 Audio SB057037
PCI-EX SOUND CARDsoASstrix_raid_dlx_soundASUS STRIX RAID DLX PCI-Express 7.1 Channel GAMING Sound Card Set Raid Control Box 124dB SNR249
PCI-EX SOUND CARDsoASstrix_raid_pro_soundASUS STRIX RAID PRO PCI-Express 7.1 Channel GAMING Sound Card Set Raid Control Box 116dB SNR176
PCI-EX SOUND CARDsoASstrix_soar_soundASUS STRIX SOAR PCI-Express 7.1 Channel GAMING Sound Card Headphone AMP 116dB SNR123
PCI-EX SOUND CARDsoASxonar_dgx_soundASUS XONAR DGX Sound 5.1 Channel Audio Card PCI-Express48
PCI-EX SOUND CARDsoASxonar_dsx_soundASUS XONAR DSX 192k/24bit True PC Hi-Fi DTS Audio 7.1 Channel Card PCI-Ex67
PCI-EX SOUND CARDsoASxonar_dx_soundASUS XONAR DX Sound 7.1 Channel Audio Card PCI-Express105
PCI-EX SOUND CARDsoASxonar_phoebus_soundASUS XONAR PHOEBUS ROG Sound 7.1 Channel Audio Card 118dB SNR Clarity Ex DEMO In BOX149
PCI-EX SOUND CARDsoSBaudigy_fx_soundCREATIVE BLASTER AUDIGY FX SB1570 5.1Channel High Performance Audio PCI-Express Card59
PCI-EX SOUND CARDsoSBlaster_z_soundCREATIVE BLASTER Z SB1500 High Performance Audio PCI-Express Card151
PCI-EX SOUND CARDsoSBlaster_zxr_soundCREATIVE BLASTER ZXR High Performance Audio PCI-Express Card External Audio Control Module329
USB SOUND CARDsoASxonar_u7_usb_soundASUS XONAR U7 Surround 7.1 USB Soundcard and Headphone AMP 192kHz/24-bit HD sound119
USB SOUND CARDsoSBe3_usb_soundCREATIVE Sound Blaster E3 USB / BLUETOOTH HD AUDIO and Headphone Amp Model: SB1610150
USB SOUND CARDsoSBe5_usb_soundCREATIVE Sound Blaster E5 USB / BLUETOOTH HD AUDIO and Headphone Amp Model: SB1590270
USB SOUND CARDsoSBomni_usb51_soundCREATIVE Sound Blaster OMNI Surround 5.1 USB Digital Optical Out Model: SB1560120
USB SOUND CARDsoSBusb_play2_soundCREATIVE Sound Blaster PLAY! 2 USB PC / MAC34
USB SOUND CARDsoROjuke_soundROCCAT JUKE ROC-14-110-AS USB Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound and Headset Adapter29

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