Secondgroup Item Code Item Price $ Order
240 Voltcab240240volt Power Cable5
240 VoltcabPO3_core3 Core Light Duty Power Cable 2m6
240 VoltcabPO2coreAstrotek Figure8 1.8meter power cable AT-IEC-C7-1.8m5
AUDIOcabAW35_rca_2mAnyWare Mini 3.5mm Stereo Jack to Two RCA Plugs 2.0m9
DVI / HDMI / DPcabHYhdmi_vga HYTEK HD Conversion Cable with Audio+VGA29
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWhdmi_vga ANYWARE HDMI Adapter to VGA with 3.5mm Audio CVT-HDMIVGA39
DVI / HDMI / DPcabBRdp_dvi_i DISPLAY PORT to DVI-I Adapter Astrotek AT-DPDVI-MF19
DVI / HDMI / DPcabBRminidp_dvi MINI DISPLAY PORT Adapter Mini DP to DVI Anyware GC-MDPDVI19
DVI / HDMI / DPcabBRminidp_hdmi MINI DISPLAY PORT Adapter Mini DP to HDMI19
DVI / HDMI / DPcabBRminidp_vga MINI DISPLAY PORT Adapter Mini DP to VGA Anyware GC-MDPVGA29
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWactive_dp_dvi ANYWARE GC-ACTDP ACTIVE DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI Adapter Eyefinity Support Across 3 DV45
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAShdmi_v14_24k_3m ASTROTEK HDMI Male to HDMI Male Cable 3m v1.4 GOLD Plated Model: AT-HDMIv1.4-MM-3-G9
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAShdmi_mini_3mMINI HDMI Male to HDMI Male V1.4 Cable 3m Model: AT-HDMIMINI-MM-3 / RC-MHDMI-315
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWdp_mm_2mANYWARE 2M DisplayPort Cable Male to Male Model: RC-DP212
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWminidp_dp_2mANYWARE 2M DisplayPort Cable MINI DP Male to DP Male Model: RC-MDPDP-219
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWdp_mm_3mANYWARE 3M DisplayPort Cable Male to Male Model: RC-DP319
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWdp_dvi_18mAnyware DisplayPort Male to DVI Male Cable 1.8m Model: RC-DPDVI-229
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWhdmi_micro_15mANYWARE MICRO HDMI Male to HDMI Male Cable 1.5m Model: RC-MICHDMI-1.5 / AT-HDMIMICRO-MM-1.815
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWhdmi_mini_18mANYWARE MINI HDMI Male to HDMI Male Cable 1.8m Model: RC-MHDMI-2H15
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWdp_hdmiANYWARE DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Model: GC-DPHDMI25
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWdvi_d_mm_10mAnyWare DVI Cable DVI-D Male To Male DUAL LINK Cable 10m35
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWdvi_d_mm_2mAnyWare DVI Cable DVI-D Male To Male DUAL LINK Cable 2m DVI-DD215
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWdvi_d_mm_5mAnyWare DVI Cable DVI-D Male To Male DUAL LINK Cable 5m / ASTROTEK AT-DVID-MM-4.5M / DVI-DD519
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWdvi_vga_5AnyWare DVI to VGA Cable 5 Meter DVI-AV519
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWhdmi_mm_1_8mAnyware HDMI 1.8m Male to HDMI Male Cable HDMI Version 1.3 RC-HDMI-2 OR ASTROTEK AT-HDMI-MM-1.89
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWhdmi_dvi_3mAnyWare HDMI Male to DVI-D Male Cable 3.0m RC-HDMIDVI-319
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWhdmi_mm_3mAnyWare HDMI Male to HDMI Male Cable 3m HDMI Version 1.3 RC-HDMI-3H OR AT-HDMI-MM-312
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWhdmi_mm_5mAnyWare HDMI Male to HDMI Male Cable 5m HDMI Version 1.3 RC-HDMI-5H OR AT-HDMI-MM-515
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAShdmi_v14_3mASTROTEC HDMI Male to HDMI Male Cable 3m HDMI 3D Ready Version 1.4 AT-HDMIv1.4-MM-318
DVI / HDMI / DPviGIdvi_vgaDVI (male) to VGA (female) Converter Astrotek AT-DVIVGA-MF Anyware GC-17MA15F15
DVI / HDMI / DPviGIdvid_hdmiDVI-D (male) to HDMI (Female) Converter Anyware GC-HDMIDVI Astrotek AT-DVIDHDMI-MF9
DVI / HDMI / DPviGIhdmi_dvidHDMI (male) to DVI-D (Female) Anyware GC-DVIHDMI Astrotek AT-HDMIDVID-MF15
DVI / HDMI / DPcabAWhdmi_dvi_1_8mHDMI to DVI-D Male To Male 1.8m Anyware RC-HDMIDVI-2 Astrotek AT-HDMIDVID-MM-1.89
DVI / HDMI SWITCH BOXcabATvs_461ATEN DVI Video Switch 4 Port With Audio Remote Model: VS-461175
E SATAsataWEepc_101WELLAND EZSTOR EPC-101 Essential Power Over eSATA Kit for PC35
IEEE 1394cabAWfw_6p4p_2AnyWare IEEE1394 6P-4P 2 Meter Model: RC-3964212
KVM SWITCHkvmATcs62dATEN CS62D PS/2 DVI KVM Switch With Audio 2 Ports99
KVM SWITCHkvmATcs1742ATEN CS-1742 2Port Dual-View KVM Supports 2 Displays Simultaneosly Switch239
KVM SWITCHkvmATcs72eATEN CS-72E Master View PS/2 KVM Switch 2 Port69
OTHERcabATX20_to_24pinATX 20 to 24 Pin Converter5
OTHERcabATX4to8pinATX 4 to 8pin extender P4 Power Cable9
PHONE / TABLETaBRip4_av_smrt_phone_tab_let_AV Cable for Apple iPad / iPhone4 / iPod 1.8m AD-i4-3*RCA35
PHONE / TABLETaBEf8w138qec03BELKIN Black Trim /Candy Sheer Back Case For iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s F8W138qec0310
PHONE / TABLETaBEf8w095qec03BELKIN Blue Trim /Blue Sheer Back Case For iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s F8W095qec0310
PHONE / TABLETaBEf8w144qec03BELKIN Hazard Red Trim/Sheer Back Case For iPod 5 F8W144qec0310
PHONE / TABLETaBEf8w138qec06BELKIN PINK Trim /Purple Sheer Back Case For iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s F8W138qeC0610
PHONE / TABLETaBEf8w176qec01BELKIN Polka Dot Back Case For iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s F8W176qeC0110
PHONE / TABLETaBEf8w153qec05BELKIN Ruby Trim /Clear Back Case For iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s F8W153qeC0510
PHONE / TABLETaBEf8w185au_smrt_phone_BELKIN screen protectors for iPhone® 5/5s/5c F8W185au10
PHONE / TABLETaBEf7p103tt2_tab_let_BELKIN TrueClear Anti-Smudge Screen Protector for Galaxy Tab 3 7.010
PHONE / TABLETaBEf8n836qe_tab_let_BELKIN TrueClear Transparent Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1inch10
PHONE / TABLETaBEac_2xusb_smrt_phone_tab_let_BESTA AC Adaptor with 2xUSB Ports W-2078 USB Output 5v DC 1Amp15
PHONE / TABLETaBEip4_ac_charger_2a_smrt_phone_tab_let_Besta AC Charger 2amp for iPhone4 / iPad W-1439.15
PHONE / TABLETaBEhtc_ac_charger_smrt_phone_tab_let_Besta AC Charger for HTC / Samsung W-156915
PHONE / TABLETaBEip5_ac_charger_smrt_phone_tab_let_Besta AC Charger for iPhone5 / iPad mini W-192717
PHONE / TABLETaBEip4_car_charger_2_smrt_phone_tab_let_BESTA Car Charger 2amp for iPhone4/iPad W-1007312
PHONE / TABLETaBEhtc_car_charger_smrt_phone_tab_let_BESTA Car Charger for HTC / Samsung W-158312
PHONE / TABLETaBEip4_dock_station_smrt_phone_BESTA Docking Station for iPhone4 W-iPD-DOCK(1415)12
PHONE / TABLETaBEusb_car_charger_2_smrt_phone_tab_let_BESTA USB 2amp Car Charger for iPad iPhone iPod HTC Samsung etc W-979412
PHONE / TABLETaBEhtc_usb_cable_smrt_phone_tab_let_BESTA USB Cable for HTC / Samsung (Micro USB) W-16758
PHONE / TABLETaBEip5_usb_cable_smrt_phone_tab_let_BESTA USB Cable for iPhone5 / iPad mini W-18808
PHONE / TABLETaBRipad_to_iphone_smrt_phone_tab_let_Camera Connection Kit iPad to iPhone4 AD-i4-iPAD12
PHONE / TABLETaBRcar_phone_holder_smrt_phone_Car Windshield Mount for Mobile Phone W-187312
PHONE / TABLETaBRgal_conn_kit_1usb_smrt_phone_tab_let_GALAXY Tab Connection Kit SD/MicroSD 1x USB AD-TAB-CR2U12
PHONE / TABLETaBRipad_conn_kit_1us_smrt_phone_tab_let_iPad Connection Kit SD/MicroSD 1x USB AD-i4-CR2U12
PHONE / TABLETaBRipad_hdmi_smrt_phone_tab_let_iPad to HDMI Adaptor AD-i4-HDMI35
PHONE / TABLETaBRipad_vga_tab_let_iPad to VGA Adaptor AD-i4-VGA39
PHONE / TABLETaBRip5_to_ip4_smrt_phone_iPhone 5 to iPhone 4 Adaptor AD-i5-i412
PHONE / TABLETaBRip7_to_headphone_smrt_phone_tab_let_iPhone 7 Lightning to 3.5mm Audio & Charger Adaptor AD-i7-AudioSplit9
PHONE / TABLETaBRip5_conn_kit_1usb_smrt_phone_tab_let_iPhone5 Connection Kit SD/MicroSD 1x USB AD-i5-CR2Ua19
PHONE / TABLETaBRip5_ear_mic_smrt_phone_iPhone5 Earpod and Mic I-EP-P512
PHONE / TABLETaBRmhl_kit_smrt_phone_tab_let_MHL Kit - MHL SmartPhone to HDMI AD-MC4-HDMI19
PHONE / TABLETaBRhtc_card_reader_smrt_phone_tab_let_Mobile Phone 4in1 Card Reader for Smart mobile phones (Micro USB) AD-MC-CR512
PHONE / TABLETaBRgal_card_read_1u_smrt_phone_tab_let_Samsung Galaxy Tablet All in 1 Card Readerwith 1xUSB AD-TAB-CR4U12
PHONE / TABLETaBRgal_card_read_3u_smrt_phone_tab_let_Samsung Galaxy Tablet All in 1 Card Readerwith 3xUSB AD-TAB-CR4U319
PHONE / TABLETaBRUSB_to_htc_smrt_phone_tab_let_USB to HTC / Samsung Connection Kit AD-MC-USB USB to Micro USB9
PHONE / TABLETaBRUSB_to_ip4_smrt_phone_tab_let_USB to iPhone / iPad Connection Kit AD-i4-USB12
PHONE / TABLETaBRUSB_to_ip4_microu_smrt_phone_tab_let_USB to iPhone/iPad & Micro USB Cable AD-USB-i4MC8
PHONE / TABLETaBRUSB_to_ip4ip5_gal_smrt_phone_tab_let_USB to iPhone4/5 - Micro USB - Samsung Tablet Cable AD-USB-i5i4MC12
PHONE / TABLETaBRUSB_to_ip5_smrt_phone_tab_let_USB to iPhone5 / iPad mini Connection Kit AD-i5-USB12
PHONE / TABLETaBRUSB_to_ip5_galaxy_typec_smrt_phone_taUSB to iPhone5 / Micro USB / USB Type-C 3-in1 Universal Cable W-1880G-312
PHONE / TABLETaBRUSB_to_galaxy_smrt_phone_tab_let_USB to Samsung Galaxy Tablet Connect Kit AD-TAB-USB8
RJ45caRJ05.5 meter RJ45 Network Cable QUALITY CABLE A Grade5
RJ45caRJ101 meter RJ45 Network Cable QUALITY CABLE A Grade6
RJ45caRJ202 meter RJ45 Network Cable QUALITY CABLE A Grade8
RJ45caRJ505 meter RJ45 Network Cable QUALITY CABLE A Grade9
RJ45caRJ1010 meter RJ45 Network Cable QUALITY CABLE A Grade12
RJ45caRJ1515 meter RJ45 Network Cable QUALITY CABLE A Grade15
RJ45caRJ2020 meter RJ45 Network Cable QUALITY CABLE A Grade19
RJ45caRJ3030 meter RJ45 Network Cable QUALITY CABLE A Grade29
RJ45caRJ305_cat5e305 Meter Box Cat 5e Cable SUPER SPECIAL HALF PRICE!!89
SATA / IDEcabBRide_sata_adapterBidirectional SATA to IDE / IDE to SATA Adapter25
SATA / IDEcabIDEata100IDE CABLE ATA-100 80wire Generic5
SATA / IDEcabSATApower_splitMolex(4pin) to SATAx2 Power Cable Astrotek MODEL : AT-MOLEX-TO-SATAX2 or RC-50829
SATA / IDEcabSATA3dataSATA 3 6Gbps/3Gbps Data Cable connect SATA Device to motherboard 50cm FC-50809
SATA / IDEcabSATA_75cmSATA 75cm LENGTH Data Cable connect SATA Device to motherboard5
SATA / IDEcabSATAdataSATA Data Cable connect SATA Device to motherboard5
SATA / IDEcabSATApowerSATA HardDrive power adaptor lead, Connects to standard 4pin molex plug RC-50529
SATA / IDEcabSATApower_2_sataSATA Power Cable to 2X Sata Power Y-Split Cable RC-50849
SATA / IDEcabYY Split cable turns 1x large into 2x large, Generous cable length RC-50379
SERIALcabSERIAL9pinMotherboard RS232 DB9 Pin Com Port Ribbon Serial Cable Connector Bracket9
USBcabUSBusb2_to_usb3 USB 2.0 9Pin (Case) Male to USB 3.0 20Pin (Motherboard) Housing Female Adapter Cable6.50
USBcabUSBusb3_to_usb2 USB 2.0 9Pin (Motherboard) Female to USB 3.0 20Pin (Case Housing) Male Adapter Cable6.50
USBcabAWusb3a_microb ANYWARE USB 3.0 Cable A-B Micro 2meter Model: UC-3002AUB9
USBcabASusb3_ab_micro_3m ASTROTEK USB 3.0 Cable A-B Micro 3meter Model: AT-USB3MICRO-AB-3 / UC-3003AUB15
USBcabASusb3_aa_3m ASTROTEK USB 3.0 Extension Cable A-A Male to Female 3meter Model: AT-USB3-AA-3M or 3003AAE9
USBcabTLtl_ac210 TP-LINK TL-AC210 Charge and Sync USB Cable LIGHTNING Connector iPad/iPhone/iPod Apple Authorization16
USBcabUSB1ab1 meter A-B connection USB CABLE6
USBcabUSB2ab2 meter A-B connection USB CABLE Anyware UC-2002AB Astrotek AT-USB-AB-2M5
USBcabUSB2ext2 meter EXTENSION Cable USB CABLE Male to Female UC-2002AAE / Astrotek AT-USB2-AA-1.8M5
USBcabUSB3ab3 meter A-B connection USB CABLE Astrotek AT-USB-AB-3M9
USBcabAWusb_aa_33 Meter USB Extension A-A Cable (Male to Female) Astrotek AT-USB2-AA-3M9
USBcabUSB5ab5 meter A-B connection USB CABLE UC-2005AB9
USBcabASusb3_aa_1mUSB 3.0 Extension Cable A-A Male to Female 1meter Model: AT-USB3-AA-1M or UC-3001AAE9
USBcabAWusba_microbANYWARE USB A Male to Micro-USB B Male 1.8m Model: UC-2002AUB9
USBcabAWusb_ex3Anyware USB EXTENSION M-F 3 Meters UC-2003AAE9
USBcabAWusb_ex5AnyWare USB EXTENSION M-F 5 Meters UC-2005AAE9
USBcabAWusb_yANYWARE USB Y Cable (2 Type A to 1 Mini 5) Astrotek AT-USB-AM-AMMBM5
USBcabASusb3_ab_2mASTROTEK USB 3.0 Cable AB 2meter Model: AT-USB3-AB-2M9
USBcabASusb_serialASTROTEK USB to SERIAL Converter Model: AT-USB-SERIAL25
USBcabATusb_serialATEN USB to SERIAL Adaptor MODEL : UC-232A29
USBcabBRusb3_rearUSB 3.0 rear back plate10
USB HUBmemBR525a_media_1 MEDIA Dashboard 5.25inch Multi Function Card Reader I/O Ports ESATA/SATA/8x USB2.0/DC 12V Mic/Audio39
USB HUBmemBR525c_media_1 MEDIA Dashboard 5.25inch Multi Function Card Reader I/O Ports ESATA/SATA/USB2/FW 2x Fan Control LCD39
USB HUBmemBR525b_media_1 MEDIA Dashboard 5.25inch Multi Function Card Reader I/O Ports FW/ESATA/SATA/4x USB2.0/DC 12V Mic/Au39
USB HUBusbAWusb_chargeANYWARE USB4 Port Charging Station MODEL : 8WD-UH1041P19
USB HUBusbHYusb3_hub_poweredHytek USB 3.0 4port Powered USB HUB29
USB HUBusbORdct_5uORICO 4+1 USB Smart Charging Station with OTG Connection MODEL : DCT-5U25
USB HUBusbORm3h4ORICO M3H4 Bus-Powered Aluminium USB3.0 4-Port HUB M3H4-V1-SV29
USB HUBusbORmh4u_transORICO M3HU Bus-Powered TRANSPARENT USB3.0 4-Port HUB M3HU-U3-03-CR-PRO25
USB HUBusbTLuh400TP-LINK UH400 USB3.0 4-Port Hub USB27
USB HUBusbTLuh700TP-LINK UH700 USB3.0 7 PORT Powered Hub USB55
USB HUBusbTLuh720TP-LINK UH720 USB3.0 7 PORT Powered Hub with 2 Charging Ports 2.4A USB65
USB HUBusbTLup525TP-Link UP525 25watt 5 Port USB Charger 1.65X Fast Charging24
USB HUBusbTLup540TP-Link UP540 40watt 5 Port USB Charger35
VGA 15pincabAWvga_mm_2AnyWare VGA 2meter M-M with filter RC-3050F9
VGA 15pincabAWvga_mm_5AnyWare VGA 5meter M-M with filter Model: CAB-VI-GIGA-00615
VGA 15pincabAWvga_mm10AnyWare VGA 10meter M-M with filter Model: RC-3050F1019
VGA 15pincabAWvga_mm20AnyWare VGA 20meter M-M with filter RC-3050F2029
VGA 15pincabAWvga_mf_5AnyWare VGA extension 5meter M-F with filter RC-3054F518
VGA 15pincabAWvga_mf20VGA extension 20meter M-F with filter CB-VGA20MFG49
VIDEO LINKcabXfire1Cross Fire Multi GPU Video Link Cable15
VIDEO LINKcabSLI1SLi Multi GPU Video Link Cable15
VIDEO LINKcabTRIsli1Tri SLi Multi GPU Video Link Cable15

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